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5 Tips: How To Overcome Creative Road Blocks When You're Feeling Creatively Stuck.

How To Overcome Creative Road Blocks When You're Feeling Creatively Stuck.
If you're feeling creatively stuck, don't feel like you're alone. That's a common roadblock that artists face. I have a few suggestions from personal experience that could help you:
  1. Write out the contents of your mind – objectively. Take out a few sheets of paper or open an online document and commit to writing at least 3 pages, or until you have no more left to write. Start by writing the first thing that comes to mind, maybe some problems you're going through, or something that someone said that has bothered you, or something in your life that is on your mind. Keep writing and writing until there's nothing left to write. This essentially takes out the endless circle of thoughts in your head (which you will never really get to solve) and puts them down objectively in concrete form, black and white, on paper. The power behind this is that it's now out in the world and no longer taking up your mental space. Distractions, whether they are in your mind or from the outside world, are the biggest sources of creative block.
  2. Just show up. Half the battle when it comes to doing creative work is just showing up. That means opening up your DAW and staring at the screen. Just opening your DAW is already half the challenge done. Once you have the DAW open, you can start experimenting. Creative block? No problem, try experimenting with new samples, new synths, go in-depth with the presets of synths you don't normally use, or take this as a time to expand your knowledge by watching a few tutorials and learning about a process you're not too familiar with.
  3. Discipline and routine. With a clear mind and the decision to show up regularly, you'll be surprised how often creativity comes when you least expect it. More often than not, inspiration comes because it's part of a routine that makes it easy for it to happen.
  4. Listen to music, simply for the sake of enjoyment. As an artist, it's hard to do this sometimes. But now's a good time to just listen to music that you enjoy, simply for the sake of enjoyment – not to analyze the music, not to dissect it or have another purpose behind it. Listening to music across any genre (it can be absolutely anything as long as you enjoy it), will allow your mind to relax and find new sounds that could potentially inspire you weeks from now.
  5. Change your environment. Often, if I'm feeling stuck creatively or have the feeling that nothing is progressing, I'll change my environment. This could be as easy as going for a walk in places that you haven't walked before, going to a new lake or out in nature (somewhere that's different), or taking a short trip to somewhere that will engage your mind and allow you to relax. When you are experiencing new things, or in a new environment, you tend to be more present. Your mind stays more present to analyze and understand its new environment, and in doing so, the focus isn't on the usual loop of thoughts occupying your mental space. Presence is the gateway to creative flow. If all else fails, just give things a break and allow your mind to relax.
These are my top 5 tips to offer you when it comes to overcoming creative blocks – simply because I've been through it and can happily say I've usually overcome it. I hope you find it helpful. Good luck and keep creating!