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Berlin: Rooted after 4 years of semi-nomadism

It's been quite a while since I've last made an update on this site, and the reason for that is simply due to some personal lifestyle changes.

Since 2015, I was largely nomadic, only planting down from time-to-time in places that grabbed me and really pulled me in. To date, I've lived in The United States, Canada, The Netherlands, Thailand, Bali and Japan – and traveled to nearly 40 countries. The amount of inspiration I've received from my travels couldn't be put into words, but it can be heard in some of my music (join me on SoundCloud and Spotify).

When I arrived in Berlin after the Amsterdam Dance Event in 2018, I had only planned on visiting some friends and checking out the city's world-famous underground electronic music scene. Little did I know that after a month of being here, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else in the world. The creative energy here was astounding!

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It's for this reason that I decided to call Berlin my home and went through the procedures to be granted an artist visa. It was a long process, but one that was well worth it. I've yet to find a city that attracts as many artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs who have taken risks to give everything they've got to their dreams. It's also a comforting feeling to have a European base in the current electronic music capital of the world, especially after feeling "flighty" for so many years.

How has this changed the way that I make music? In same ways, not much has changed. I still maintain a mindset of minimalism in all aspects of my life, I still produce everything "in the box" with Ableton Live, and I still use my travel experiences as fuel for inspiration. What has changed most is how I rely on monitoring. I have a studio that I work out of now, but I still see it as a luxury and not a necessity.

The beauty of this is that after having gotten used to the mobile music production methods I talk about in The Nomadic Music Producer's Handbook, I'm quick to create music anytime and anywhere inspiration strikes. Travel has broadened my creativity and musical tastes, forever changing the music I create. And hopefully, your own travel experiences will take you in a direction that is uniquely yours, as well.

Pleasant journeys!

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